Augmented Reality Work samples

Augmented Woodworking

This is my master of design thesis work for the University of Washington.


In woodworking, a tactile industry where craftsmen transform raw materials into artifacts, it is important to produce quality products in an efficient manner. However, as a novice woodworker, it is often difficult to be efficient due to inexperience. With inexperience comes error when performing minor tasks such as measuring and cutting a piece of wood. This thesis aims at increasing a novice woodworkers efficiency by introducing a head mounted augmented reality device into their workflow.


it is often difficult to do quick prototyping without the knowledge of coding. A designer could do ‘paper prototypes’ as a way to quickly show their ideas. I decided to use this thesis as an opportunity to try a different method of prototyping with VR. I used Microsoft’s Maquette as a tool to quickly create my augmented experience.


I spent 3 months in a wood shop building a piece of furniture as a way to understand various machines. Over the course of the 3 months, I evaluated where augmented reality could be applied in the context of a wood shop.




Final Design


Controlling Objects in Mixed REality

This was a 10 week long project with 3 classmates. The goal of the class was to develop an interaction for Microsoft Hololens. Each team was able to focus on whatever topic they chose. My team wanted to address the ability to interact with physical products located in the house.



This was my first ever attempt at using Unity to prototype and bringing a design into the Hololens. Clearly it is not good, but we learned a lot of seeing the design in the real world.

Final Design