Experience Designer

Amazon Communications


Alexa Communications

Duration: 3 months

Role: Team of 3 UX designers collaborating with PM, Engineer, Motion Designers, Visual Designer, Producers

Tools: Sketch, Illustrator.



I contracted with Amazon for 3 months focusing on UX work for the Alexa communications team. When I joined, Amazon was about to launch this new feature that allowed individuals to message, video chat, drop in, and call other Alexa devices. My primary work was to design contact cards for the Alexa app, allowing users to see who they could call and what content associated to that contact. I also explored what the contact cards could look like on the Alexa Show and Alexa Spot devices, two new touch screen devices.

Below are various concepts created during my time at Amazon.



Add an Avatar - Concept

I was tasked to conceptualize what adding an avatar might look like. The Alexa communications portion of the app was design as a minimal viable product. By releasing it, there would be an opportunity to scale and improve going forward. With communications being so personal and the introduction of two touch screen devices, adding an avatar would be a fun way to personalize and allow for glance-ability on the touch screen devices.
I looked at the end-to-end experience from adding an avatar in OOBE, adding in profile, contact list, and the Alexa Show / Alexa Spot devices.



Avatar OOBE-01.jpg

Edit avatar

Avatar Edit.jpg


contact avatar.jpg

Alternative explorations


Alexa Spot Exploration



Miscellaneous Concepts




Conversation List


Contact Cards